Kombucha Mojito

by Elise Schwartz | September 23, 2010 9:33 PM

For a moment, I thought I invented this delicious refreshing combination of Kombucha and mint.  After a quick Google, alas, others have already stumbled upon the perfect fusion.  It’s really great tho!  Possibly better enjoyed in the summer sitting on the deck in the steamy heat, but I enjoyed a large glassful this afternoon relaxing in my living room watching the chilly rain pour down.


Kombucha Mojito

1 cup plain Kombucha, chilled
1 lime, quartered
6 fresh mint leaves
1 cup filtered water (more/less to taste)
4-6 drops of stevia
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
a shake of sea salt (optional)
Ice (optional)

Muddle mint with lime in a tall glass.  Add stevia, vanilla, sea salt (optional) and ice.  Pour in Kombucha.  Top off with water.

Variation:  Muddle in a handful of fresh organic berries for a Berry Kombucha Mojito.

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