Ringing in 2011…

by Elise Schwartz | January 1, 2011 8:25 PM

Happy 2011!  Wahoo!  Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Dave and I were driving from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (duh U.P., eh?) down to Orlando, Florida.  Orlando is our new home for the next 6 months.  We are down here training with Maximized Living to open our own Maximized Living Health Center.  The city we have chosen to open in and live in is Greensboro, North Carolina.  Stay tuned for more details on our clinic grand opening, coming this summer 2011!

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I realize I don’t really tell you much about my life.  I have been getting some very interesting, personal questions from you guys, and I love it.  But it’s made me realize that I can fill you in a little more on my life and what I’m up to both in and out of the kitchen.  :)

To kick of 2011, here is a bit of Blogger Insider to get to know me better.  Hope it’s as fun for you to read!

  1. Do you have any siblings?  Yes, 3 brothers.
  2. Which networking websites do you use? Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, FoodBuzz
  3. Which month were you born in?  January
  4. What is your favorite color? red
  5. Which stores do you regularly shop at? Whole Foods, local co-op, Target…that’s about it.  We’re poor since we’re saving up for starting our business, thus we only buy the essentials.
  6. Do you play an instrument? If so, which one(s)?  A bit of piano, and I’ve always said I consider my voice my instrument.  Acting and singing since age 4. :) 
  7. When’s the last time you ran?  A few weeks ago, for an aerobic burst training workout. 
  8. Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them?  Only one of the four pairs I own does.  They’re my “stylish” pair.  Ha. 
  9. What are you dreading right now?  Having to move again in June, the sixth time in a year. 
  10. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night?  I try to, if not more, otherwise I’m off for the whole day. 
  11. If anyone came to your house on your “lazy days” what would ya’ll do?  Create a new recipe in the kitchen while watching a RedBox rental. 
  12. Don’t you hate it when the radio ruins good songs by playing them over and over?  Yes, like Natasha Beddingfield’s These Words.  Last summer, right?  They played it every half hour and I had an hour drive to and from work every day.  Used to love it, now I cringe. 
  13. Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone? Yes, waiting for Dave numerous nights on MSN or Skype while we were apart for a year before we were married (2008). 
  14. Could you live without a computer?  No.  Absolutely not.
  15. Do you wear your shoes in the house? No, but I’ve got to have socks on.  Thinking of getting a nice pair of slippers, too.  You know, the kind that are pretty much shoes but uber comfortable. 
  16. Who or what sleeps with you? Just Dave. 
  17. At what age did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?  I don’t remember really.  I do, however, remember setting up “traps” for Santa with my brothers.  String across the foot of every door so he’d trip when he entered the house.  Set my karaoke machine up near the tree to record any sounds of Santa and his sleigh.   Things like that.  Fun times. 
  18. How many house phones and cell phones are in your house?  Zero.  Believe it or not, we are without phones and have been since August, in effort to save money for our business.  We use the free Google Calling app from our gmail accounts. 
  19. Who would you call first if you won the lottery?  Dave.  And then his student loan companies.  ;)
  20. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?  I do not.  We’ve also been without cable for about a year, to cut costs.  I do, however, watch Glee and The Office online each week! 
  21. How do most people spell your name?  Haha, great question!  It’s more of a mispronunciation of my name.  Alice or Elsie are the most common misspellings and misspeaks.  And for the record, I prefer my name pronounced “L-eese”. 
  22. Where do you work? Nowhere at the moment.  Dedicating the next 6 months to planning and opening our chiropractic health center. 
  23. Do you return your cart?  Every time.  We always say, “Have you gotten your incidental exercise today?” 
  24. Do you have a dishwasher?  Yes, but we try not to use it as much as we can.  We’re a pretty all-natural family, and usually just wipe and rinse our dishes clean for a few uses before a trip to the dishwasher. 
  25. What noise do you hear at the moment? Traffic outside and Chris Tomlin on iTunes. 
  26. What’s the last thing you purchased?  A dozen eggs.  Haha, we go thru a couple dozen a week just between us two. 
  27. What brand is your digital camera?  Just using a simple Kodak digital right now.  Hoping to upgrade to a Canon with a lens this year to deliver higher quality shots to my website :) 
  28. Do you own expensive perfume/cologne?  No, too toxic for my body.  I can’t handle the chemicals.  I use essential oils in place of perfume, and I love the natural scent options! 
  29. Are you taking college classes right now? Notta. Have my B.S. in Management & Marketing, but within the next year will be pursuing my Holistic Nutritionist degree (after we get on our feet in Greensboro).
  30. Do you like sushi?  Love it.  No raw fish for me, though! 
  31. Do you get your hair cut every month?  Nope.  I’m cheap.   Every 3-4 months usually, always with a coupon in hand.
  32. Will you pass this survey on to 5 people?  Definitely!

And now I challenge 5 of my favorite and highly recommended bloggers to do the same and pass it on in honor of the New Year.  Who knows, your lives could have changed a lot in a year, too!:

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Cannot wait to hear what they say!
And this concludes this brief exercise in sharing intimate and random details about Elise.  Surprised by my answers?  Not surprised?  Want me to stop talking and show you some new food recipes already?  Well fear not.  Tomorrow is a new day, my friends.  :)
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