Questions Answered: Maximize the Easter Basket

by Elise Schwartz | March 24, 2011 2:21 PM

Tammy posed what I think is a great question and topic on the Healing Cuisine facebook page[1]:

“What are everyone’s ideas for Easter?  I grew up with the traditional candy basket!!  My kids have gotten that the last few years, but I really want to change it up without breaking their hearts.  Would love your ideas!  I know fruit is a good thing to add, but what about for the fun egg hunts?  What to put in each egg besides little trinkets?”  -  Tammy

And here I was looking for inspiration on what to write about in the Easter theme.  Well thank you Tammy!  I really think this will help a lot of Maximized Living families and keep our kids healthy!  So here is a list of my ideas.  If you have some of your own, maybe you’ve even done a Maximized Easter basket for your kids in the past, please share your ideas in the comments section.  We can all use the help! :)

Food Ideas:
Non-Food Ideas:

Avoid Plastic Eggs, Opt for Real
And don’t forget last year’s How To post on Natural Easter Egg Dyeing[35].  I recommend using natural hard-boiled eggs vs. plastic eggs for your egg hunts.  Plastic eggs are made of plastic.  These are handled by our kids, hands then go in their mouths, and in many cases even the plastic eggs end up in their mouths.  Control what you can and keep the dangerous BPA plastic out of your kids and home, not to mention the risk of lead paint used to dye the plastic[36].  Get your family involved in Easter egg dying the day before.  My mom always had us go to our rooms after Easter morning church to change into play clothes then hang out while she hid the eggs throughout the house.  (We lived in Michigan…snowy Michigan.  You can do the same thing in your backyard!)  So if you’re worried about “when will I hide the eggs, I don’t want them to spoil!”..take a tip from my mom and put your kids away for a half hour while you get the hard-boiled eggs set out.  They’ll find them within the hour and you can pop right back in the fridge when the festivities are finished.  ;)


Any other tips and ideas out there?  Please share!!!  Happy Easter everyone!

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