Questions Answered: Aches & Pains During Pregnancy

by Elise Schwartz | May 4, 2011 6:30 PM


Laura commented on yesterday’s post, Exercises During Pregnancy[2].  I thought she had a great question, and found myself giving her a full on consultative response.  Wanted to share with everyone as this may benefit many of you.  Here’s Laura’s question:

“Love these Elise. Can you recommend any (or others) that will aid in pelvic aches during pregnancy?  I had pretty bad ones with Ella, and like clockwork, as I start Month 5, am feeling the aches of my joints loosening and shifting again.  I’m determined to be more active with this pregnancy, so I’m curious about what will best alleviate these aches/pains so I can continue my yoga/run-walking/biking through full term?”

My response:

Hi Laura!  Congrats on your 2nd pregnancy! :)  How exciting!

So you already participate in yoga regularly?  That would be my first recommendation, to get those joints and ligaments stretching regularly, at least 3 times a week if not daily.

Second, if you aren’t already a member of a Maximized Living health center, I strongly encourage you to get involved asap!  Not only are the chiropractic adjustments crucial to a safe and healthy pregnancy/birth, but your pain could be caused by nervous system interference.  Your Maximized Living doctor will be able to tell you if this is an issue for you and how to correct it.  To find an ML clinic near you, type in your zip code:[3]

Third step is making sure you are consuming enough Omega 3 fat.  This is important thru your pregnancy in general as baby’s brain is composed almost entirely of fat and needs fat to develop (the healthy fats).  Beyond that, healthy fats are a natural anti-inflammatory, so they will help to relieve the pain you are feeling.  Include about 2-4 Tbsp of healthy fats per meal (avocado, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, raw nuts, etc).  On top of that, you should be supplementing with a high quality fish oil, 2-4 grams daily (6-8 grams when you are in pain).  I recommend the Innate Choice brand of fish oil.  Just be sure the brand you choose is third party tested to be pure and heavy metals-free.

Step four, make sure you are consuming enough protein.  While pregnant, you want to consume a minimum of 80 grams of protein per day.  If you aren’t consuming enough, your body could be eating away at your existing muscle to make up for it.  This could be the cause of your aches and pains.  Keep a food long for 1 week, adding up your protein intake each day.  You’ll quickly see if you are eating enough protein or not by day three.  Work to increase, which can be done simply by adding a high quality protein shake (20-30 grams).  I recommend Sequel Vega or Garden of Life Raw Meal.

And step 5, when in doubt, take a bath for a short-term fix.  A bath can help to get you relaxed enough to sleep, if the pain is a huge discomfort.  Keep the water a touch on the cooler side, under 100 degrees, as baby doesn’t yet have a way to cool itself off like we do (sweating or getting out of the water).  I also don’t draw the water up as high so my belly isn’t completely covered.  I usually stay in the bath about 40 mins max.  You can add 2 cups of Epsom salt to the water to help your body draw out toxins, which could also be a contributing factor.  And treat yourself to some relaxing essential oils — my favorite in the bath is lavender.  :)

Let me know if you have further questions on this.  Hope some of this helps!  And seriously, get in to see your ML doctor!!  If not for your aches and pains, to at least get your pelvis checked!  Many blessings and best of luck!

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