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Hi all!!  My silence is finally broken!  Austin and I have made it thru the last few weeks of a growth spurt and recovery from a dairy protein allergy.  Let’s just say my time has been completely consumed by caring for him and making sure he is happy, safe, and most importantly healing at 100%!  Everything is under control again — and I am back on the Advanced Plan.  No more yogurt or raw cheese for me.  :(  All for the sake of a happy healthy baby!

I have a wonderful product to share with you, one that has helped me SO MUCH over the last two months since Austin’s birth.  It is called the Snuggle Me Organic Cushion.  The Snuggle Me Cushion is a portable infant bed that can be placed just about anywhere in your home, so that mom knows where baby is and that baby is safe.  It allows mom to have her hands free to take care of herself or, in my case, the much needed house work.  Simply Mommy was so kind so send me a Snuggle Me Organic Cushion to try out with Austin.The Snuggle Me Organic Cushion is specifically designed to help baby feel secure and cozy while not in mom or dad’s arms.  To me, it sort of looks like a little baby nest.  Baby is placed on their back in the non-padded center of the Snuggle Me Cushion and the sides pull in to gently hug the baby’s sides.  (Watch a demo here.)  I truly believe, from seeing it with my own eyes, that baby feels like they are being held or that they are laying next to mom or dad while in the Snuggle Me Cushion.  We started using ours just hours after Austin was born.  He really enjoys it!  We have him fall asleep in our arms, then place him in his little nest and he stays soundly asleep.  If we place him anywhere else (his crib, our bed, the floor) without pillows or my husband or myself right next to him (which isn’t always possible), he wakes up a few minutes later because he is a baby that really responds to and enjoys physical touch.  It reminds him of what it was like during those 9 months in my womb.  He feels too free on an open space by himself.  The Snuggle Me Cushion has made it possible for him to sleep soundly without me having to be laying right next to him or wearing him for every nap thru the day or night.

Because I practice Attachment Parenting, I want to make sure Austin feels comforted even when I need to put him down.  The Snuggle Me Cushion does that! I think I have found the Snuggle Me Organic Cushion most helpful when I needed to take a shower, wanted to cook a meal or simply make myself a salad, and when I just needed a little break to myself while Austin slept.  It fits right into the Attachment Parenting lifestyle.  And baby doesn’t always have to be sleeping to be in the Snuggle Me.  I have placed his Snuggle Me Cushion on our kitchen table with him in it, wide awake, while I prepared dinner.  Austin loves to hang out in it, too.  And as long as you place the Snuggle Me Cushion on a flat non-slippery surface, you can feel safe because baby isn’t going anywhere.  That is something else I love, the security you get from knowing he is safe right where you left him and can’t roll off.

I also use the Snuggle Me Cushion while changing Austin’s clothes, especially after a bath or if I need to run to the laundry room to get something out of the dryer for him.  I can step away for a moment knowing he’s not in any danger while I’m gone.  And he stays right there for me even if he’s slippery from his bath or wriggly from not wanting to put on a pair of pants.  The Snuggle Me Cushion makes life with infant easier!

Austin at 3 weeks using his Snuggle Me Organic Cushion

Another cool use for the Snuggle Me Cushion is for co-sleeping.  I know I had mentioned that Dave and I are doing co-sleeping with Austin, and a few of you raised your concerns with co-sleeping.  Well, we have been using the Snuggle Me Cushion right in bed with us, to keep Austin safe all thru the night!  We place it right in between us and the three of us get a good night’s sleep.  You can also put it on the other side of mom, next to the edge of the bed.  The Snuggle Me Cushion stays where you put it and baby is not going anywhere!  I love having him right in bed with us, easy to nurse or change a diaper in the middle of the night!  And in case you are worried about a dad who is a moving sleeper, if he was to roll near baby, the edge of the Snuggle Me Cushion would be what he would touch first, not the babe.  It makes co-sleeping all the more safe for parents and baby!

I am also a proud supporter of organic products.  The fewer chemicals you bring your baby into contact with, the better for their long-term health.  This is why I love that the Snuggle Me Organic Cushion is hypo-allergenic and covered with certified organic cotton twill.  It also comes with a slip-on cover made of certified organic cotton fleece.  AND, get this, the ENTIRE CUSHION is machine washable and dryable!  How cool is that?!  I must confess, the fourth day Austin used his Snuggle Me, he had an explosive diaper and his mustard colored poo was all over the cover and seeped thru to the cushion.  At first I was freaked, thinking “How could we stain this after just a few uses?!”  But after the quick wash in the washing machine (no rinsing, scrubbing, or pre-treating necessary), it came out just like new, no stains left behind.  It really is simple to use AND simple to clean, just what a mom ordered!

Please go here and read more about the Snuggle Me Organic Cushion and all that it can be used for.  There are so many benefits that will help make mom’s life easier!  I think our Snuggle Me Cushion has come so in handy that I’ve used it in just about every way on the list with Austin.

I also wanted to share the chiropractor’s opinion of the Snuggle Me Cushion.  My husband, Dave, uses the snuggle me when he adjusts Austin.  He used to place Austin simply on the adjusting table, but he would squirm and move around, making what should be a simple and quick adjustment take a few minutes.  Now, Dave places the Snuggle Me on the adjusting table with Austin resting on it.  The sides hug him and Austin remains calm while Dave completes the adjustment.  We are talking about getting one for use in his practice for adjusting the many babies he takes care of, and also a place for moms to put their babies while they get their adjustments.  Dave also approves the Snuggle Me for the great spinal support.  It is so important for babies to sleep in a proper position while their bodies grow.  The Snuggle Me ensures their neck and back stay in alignment while baby sleeps.  Two thumbs up from Dr. Dave!

The Gift

The makers of the Snuggle Me Organic Cushion would like to extend a special discount to all Healing Cuisine followers!  Now thru the end of November, receive 20% off the Snuggle Me Organic plus FREE Shipping & Handling!  Visit their website using this special link to take advantage of this great gift:

Whether you are a parent, a parent-to-be, or you have someone in mind who could benefit from the Snuggle Me Cushion, take advantage of this offer!  The Snuggle Me Organic Cushion will make a great Christmas gift for baby, and is of course a great baby shower present! 

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Written by Elise Schwartz
Elise Schwartz

Elise has been living a sugar-free natural lifestyle since 2008, after discovering her PCOS, infertility, and inability to lose weight were caused by toxicity in her food and daily life. She became a certified nutrition and body detox coach, and provides consultations to clients across the world. By living the principles she teaches, Elise proudly welcomed her son, Austin, into the world in 2011. She and her husband, Dr. Dave, own and operate a natural health clinic, Triad Health Center, in Greensboro, NC.


  1. great review! Maybe I’d better have another baby so I can use one ;D

  2. Couldn’t help but notice how darn cute he is!!! You did good! LOL

  3. Why thank you, Goingpure! :)

    And Ash, we’ll get you there!

  4. Hi, Elise! I just discovered your blog! :) I’m looking to buy one of these for baby #4 and was wondering, what are you thoughts on the Snuggle Me Organic Cushion that’s 100% organic (i.e., filled with 100% organic cotton instead of hypoallergenic polyester fill)? The upside, of course, is that it’s 100% organic…but the downside is that it costs a little more than the standard one, and it also is not machine washable. Do you think it’s worth it to go 100% organic?…or, is hypoallergenic polyester fill “safe” enough in terms of protecting a newborn from exposure to chemicals?

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