Gymboss Timer Giveaway WINNER!

by Elise Schwartz | January 21, 2012 2:36 AM

Whooooops, I totally lost track of time this evening!  My apologies for a late announcement of the Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway.  (If you missed Monday’s post, read more[1] about how a Gymboss can make your life so much easier!)  I was caught up in watching the live broadcast of Elevation Church’s “Code Orange Revival” series online. Today was day 10 (of 12), and today’s speaker was a true powerhouse of God’s Word.  I encourage you and your family and friends and neighbors and anyone you know who needs to hear His message to hop on to their website[2] tonight to watch and listen.  Rebroadcast will happen at 10:12pm tonight, 2:12am tonight, 12:12pm tomorrow.  And there are still two days left to participate!  Get plugged in to Elevation no matter where you live — you can strengthen your relationship with God in a creative and unique way.

 On to our TWO WINNERS of the Gymboss Interval Timers[3].  *Bum bum bummm* (imagine a drum roll here.)  And the winners are Jenny V. and Loretta E.!  Congrats ladies!!  Please email me with your mailing address:[4]

Thank you to everyone who entered!  Look forward to February’s health-inducing giveaway coming up just in time for Valentine’s Day…. :)

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