Valentine Menu Planner GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

by Elise Schwartz | February 12, 2012 6:04 AM

Thank you to everyone who commented as an entry in the Valentine Menu Planner giveaway[1]!  You are all too sweet with your words!  I thought I’d get a lot of “hellos” from y’all, but you shared so much more!  I am honored to be able to help each one of you and your families reach a greater health potential!  Thank you for all the love, especially fitting of the Valentine’s theme! :)

I randomly selected our five winners!!!!  Here we go..  If you are a winner, please send me your email address that I should email the Valentine Menu Planner e-book to:[2].  (It’ll be PDF format!)  Our winners:

        1)  Rosa
        2)  Dawna
        3)  Sue
        4)  Roe
        5)  Dr. Marisa M.

Congrats top 5!  Everyone else, PLEASE don’t forget that the SKIN Organic Body Care giveaway[3] is currently taking place, thru February 13th.  Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.  Get entered, then send it out to your friends, too.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to enter!

  1. Valentine Menu Planner giveaway:
  3. SKIN Organic Body Care giveaway:

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