Product Review + GIVEAWAY: 100% Pure

by Elise Schwartz | July 24, 2012 6:42 PM

It’s about time for another giveaway here at Healing Cuisine, wouldn’t you say??  The company I am introducing you to today is 100% Pure[1], and I am completely in love with their products!  In fact I have switched over and now almost all of my make up products are from 100% Pure.  (I am still partial to my MiEssence[2] for face care and concealer, but I still give two thumbs up to the purity and quality of 100% Pure’s face care lines!)

I hadn’t heard of 100% Pure until earlier this year.  I remember reading an article in a magazine about it and was intrigued to learn that they are the only US company to use patent-pending technology using fruit pigments and extracts to color their products naturally.  From there, I visited their website, talked with friends about their products who were long time users, and eventually I had to email the company for more information and to talk with someone about setting up a giveaway for you guys — because you have to learn about 100% Pure, this company that is taking care of women and the toxic burden placed on our bodies by society!


100% Pure[1] is an organic cosmetic company that has over 500 different cosmetic products (categories: fruit pigmented cosmetics (patented/patents pending), skincare, bath & body products and haircare).  The company is still a baby, having launched in California just 7 years ago in 2005, but the business is growing rapidly due to the high demand for their natural products.

100% Pure’s vision began when Susie Wang partnered with her boyfriend Ric Kostick and her brother, James Wang, because she became disillusioned while working as a skincare formulator for some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies.  Wang discovered how toxic some of the chemicals were that are commonly used in cosmetic formulas when formulating an eye cream and a chemical spilled onto the lab table and eroded it.  Shocked at how harsh this chemical was, Wang got passionate about creating a line that is truly 100% Pure…a line that is free of harsh detergents, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or any other toxins.

100% Pure formulas are vegan (or vegetarian when honey is used), never tested on animals and the makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers instead of the traditional fur that most makeup brushes are made from.  100% Pure is a green company – all formulas are biodegradable and packaged with environmentally friendly materials such as post consumer recycled soda cans, recycled water bottles, bamboo pulp, recycled paper and recycled glass.  All printing is done with non toxic vegetable ink on all packaging, catalogs and other marketing materials.  ((I LOVE THIS!!))

While picking blackberries one summer in her organic garden, Wang discovered how beautifully the berries stained her skin which gave her the idea of using these healthy pigments in cosmetics.  Recently patented in the EU with China and US to follow, 100% Pure is the only cosmetic company that uses fruit and vegetable pigments to color cosmetics.  The benefit of fruit and vegetable pigments versus the other traditional ways of coloring cosmetics (synthetic dyes or minerals) is that fruit and vegetable pigments contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins.  ((This is why I have switched to my eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara..etc..all from 100% Pure))

fruit pigmented, truly natural


I’ve got to tell you, I am very, very, very picky about my eye make up and especially mascara.  I was born with a permanently clogged tear duct in one eye and without one in my other eye.  My eyes are unable to cycle and filter their tears, so my eyes are very sensitive to allergens and chemicals.  I can tell within just minutes of applying mascara whether it will affect my eyes or not.  Basically I have never been able to wear much makeup or mascara.  I’ve tried all the “natural” brands.  To date, MiEssence had been the only brand that was pure enough that I could wear their mascara for an entire day with little issues.  That was until I discovered 100% Pure’s mascara!

The company was so kind to send me a tube of their Black Tea Mascara[4] to sample and test on my sensitive eyes.  I tested it out for the first time on a day I knew Austin and I would be home all day, in case of an adverse reaction.  I knew I probably had nothing to worry about after reading the ingredients of the mascara (read them here[5]) – everything listed was natural, organic, and I didn’t see any vague terms that could be away to hide something bad (always gotta watch out for that!).  After trying it out, I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am about this mascara!!!

[6]First of all, when you open it up, it smells like blackberries with a hint of coffee!  I had no reactions at all after applying.  I am able to wear this mascara all day, multiple days in a row, with no pain or reaction.  And by my personal standards, that means this product is pretty darn close to being a whole food (not far off for sure after reviewing their ingredients!)!  When wearing it, you barely notice it’s on your lashes because it is so light and soft.  I swear my eye lashes are healthier now after a month of using the Black Tea Mascara, too!

I am so happy to have a honest, natural mascara that I can actually wear.  This mascara seems to give a good fullness and lengthening affect that we women want for our peepers.  The brush really adds to the lengthening effect.  It is a unique shape, and actually has a wave to it.  Oh yeah, and no clumping!!  All other natural mascaras usually clump on me and I have to comb through to get the right look.  Not the Black Tea Mascara.  It glides on perfectly, even with two coats!  I am very satisfied and will continue to use this product every day!  And check it out.  Yes, I did an infomercial-esque before & after shot.  ;)



All eyes are on you now!  100% Pure also sent me 2 Black Tea Mascaras to giveaway to two of you!

The Giveaway Contest will run from Tuesday July 24th until Monday July 30th at 11:59pm.  I will use to select the winner and announce it here at Healing Cuisine at 9:00am on Tuesday July 31st!  TWO lucky winners (open to U.S. and Canada residents only) will receive a full size tube of 100% Pure’s Black Tea fruit pigment mascara.


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