25 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 2 by Gymboss

by Elise Schwartz | December 1, 2012 5:00 AM

Thanks to all who participated in Day 1 from SKIN!  The winners each day will be verified and emailed before I announce who it is.  I hope you all enjoy picking up some of SKIN’s products for stocking stuffers (or for yourself!) this year!

I have invited all of my favorite companies to participate in this 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways series.  Today’s giveaway comes from GYMBOSS[1].  If you remember back almost a year ago[2], I introduced you to their life changing product.  This company makes digital timers designed to make your workout experience easier.  If you do any type of interval training, you may find it hard trying to use your cell phone or kitchen timer to keep you on track.  The Gymboss Interval Timer[3] takes all the guess work out of managing your workouts.  You have full control over how long your workout lasts, how many intervals, how long the rests are, and even if you want it to beep or vibrate to tell you when to switch.  It’s nice to be able to concentrate completely on your form and balance, rather than on the clock.  We love this timer so much that we own two!  The Gymboss timer has streamlined our workout experience, and both Dave and I use it every single time we do our burst training.

Gymboss Timer features:

-  Ability to track 1 or 2 intervals (anywhere from 2 seconds up to 99 minutes)
-  Beep, vibrate or both options
-  Alarm duration lasts 1, 5 or 10 seconds
-  May repeat intervals up to 99 times
-  Clip that attaches to your clothes to keep it out of the way but secure
-  Compact design, about the size of a small pager
-  Tough – water and shock resistant (believe me, we’ve stepped on, dropped, and even gotten ours wet…still works perfectly)
-  Comes with a AAA battery (haven’t had to replace ours yet after over 1 year!)
These timers make great holiday gifts.  I often give them as stocking stuffers or birthday gifts to friends and family!


Enter to win your very own Gymboss!  This giveaway will last 24 hours, from midnight EST on Friday December 1st until 11:59pm EST the same day.  Entering is easy!  Simply follow the various options below in the Rafflecopter widget window.    This Gymboss brand giveaway is open to continental U.S.A. residents only.  There will be one winner.  The winner will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway ends.  All entries are verified via Rafflecopter.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and EVERY DAY through December for a chance to win a new prize!  You can win multiple times, so please don’t be shy to come back!

a Rafflecopter giveaway[4]

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