25 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 6 from Rejuva Minerals

by Elise Schwartz | December 5, 2012 5:00 AM

Congrats go out to the winners of Days 3 and 4!  The THREE winners of Day 3′s Pacific Natural Foods[1] soup starters pack are: Ashley B., Nora A., and Abigail S.  The winner of Day 4′s Thirty-One Gifts[2] customized bags is Stefanie S.  Thanks again to all who entered and who have been following along every day!

Today’s giveaway comes from Rejuva Minerals[3], makers of truly pure and natural makeup.  Conventional makeup is one of the easiest ways we put our bodies in direct exposure with heavy metals, dyes, titanium dioxide, fragrances, and a list of hundreds of chemicals I won’t take the time to list today.  Exposure to these toxins inhibits the immune system and nervous system instantaneously.  If you have been to one of my toxicity workshops, you learned that makeup and your skin care products are at the top of the list to throw out and switch to truly pure and clean.

Take a look at Rejuva Minerals’ website[4] and the variety of makeup products they have to offer.  You’ll see right at the top of the page they clearly state everything that is NOT in their products.  They proudly show a low toxicity rating[5] on all 52 products their company makes on the EWG Skin Deep scale.  I love it when companies make it easy to find the information we want to know and don’t try to hide anything from us!  If you have sensitive skin, you can wear these products.  If you’re passionate about your health and only want to use the best, you can wear these products with trust.  Take a moment to read more about the company’s background[6] and meet the lady behind Rejuva Minerals, Brenda Hyre.

I was first introduced to Rejuva Minerals by a friend.  After that, I started to see the brand popping up online and on TV, so I took it as a sign and made my first purchase.  I think I even remember reading a write up about them in Spa Magazine, after I saw here[7] that they were featured in the past.  I have been loving how their makeup makes my skin feel and look!  And I like that you can use their powders as-is or mix them with a little bit of oil to make a paste (I personally use a little bit of coconut oil, but they also make a face oil for this).  I do that with the powder foundation to make tinted moisturizer.  Really easy and cost effective!  A couple of my other favorite products from Rejuva Minerals are their eye shadow (I use the copper and espresso colors) and bronzer (I love it because it’s mica-free as well as titanium dioxide-free!).  Take advantage of savings here[8] with online coupons!!


Rejuva Minerals is giving away a container of their top selling Soft Rose Blush[10]!  

“Soft Rose Blush, endorsed by Hollywood’s Greenest Celebrity, Rachelle Carson-Begley[11], is one of our top selling products.  Rejuva Minerals Soft Rose Blush was the very first makeup to be found in Rachelle’s ‘America’s Greenest Home’!  The petals from beautiful crushed red roses, found in our Soft Rose blush, are valued for their natural color and delightful aroma that they provide!” — Rejuva Minerals

The blush shows a sheer matte finish in rose color with hints of pink when applied.  A universal blush color that works with many skin tones!  Your skin will look and feel so great with it on!  Now get to entering!


Enter to win one container of Soft Rose Blush!  This giveaway will last 24 hours, from midnight EST on Wednesday December 5th until 11:59pm EST the same day.  Entering is easy!  Simply follow the various options below in the Rafflecopter widget window.    This Rejuva Minerals brand giveaway is open to continental U.S.A. residents only.  There will be one winner.  The winner will be contacted and confirmed within 48 hours after the giveaway ends.  All entries are verified via Rafflecopter.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and EVERY DAY through December for a chance to win a new prize!  You can win multiple times, so please don’t be shy to come back!
a Rafflecopter giveaway[12]

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