How To: Homemade Baby Formula

by Elise Schwartz | March 12, 2013 5:48 PM

The science is out.  Nothing comes close to true breast milk, because there is an innate connection between baby and mother.  When baby latches onto mom’s breast, baby’s saliva tells mom’s body what baby needs (more water, protein, fat, nutrients, etc).  Our bodies were amazingly designed!BUT, that doesn’t mean everyone is blessed with an easy time breastfeeding or the ability.  I do recommend trying everything you can to keep your natural milk supply going first before jumping into supplementing milk for your baby.  Explore all avenues before settling on formula.  You can try many things…supplements like fenugreek and nettle, extended naked chest time and “kangaroo care” with your baby, extra pumping time to increase your flow are a few common methods.  (Email me if you would like other methods, or contact your local Le Leche League[1].)  But sometimes no matter how hard you try you cannot keep your milk supply going, or the nursing experience does not go well for mom or baby (extreme pain, inverted nipples with a struggle to keep baby latched).  Or perhaps you are adopting a child and do not have access to donor breast milk.  After you have weighed out all your options, these are the cases where proceeding with a homemade whole food breast milk formula is a good decision.

Today I would like to share my whole food formula recipe that when used as supplement will be closer to a woman’s breast milk than one with synthetic vitamins and nutrients found at the store. I will write next week about why I recommend making your formula at home using whole food ingredients versus buying a store bought formula.  There are many many many reasons why making your own is important for the better health of your baby.  For time’s sake, I will save that conversation for another day. (I will come back to link it when I post it!)

This is my recipe for homemade whole food infant formula.  It is based off of Sally Fallon’s recipe in her book Nourishing Traditions[2].  (Every home should have this book on the shelf!  It’s a go-to wellness resource!  Thank you Allison[3] for the best wedding present ever!)  I have edited Sally Fallon’s recipe to make it allergen-free as most of my clients and their children have an array of milk/nut/grain allergies.  I have listed alternative options in parentheses.

Homemade Whole Food Infant Formula
Based on Sally Fallon’s original recipe found in Nourishing Traditions[4]
Makes about 36 ounces

2 cups of rice milk (make your own via this link[5]) (you can also use raw cow’s milk[6] or raw goat’s milk)
2 cups pure water (reverse osmosis + remineralized[7] is best)
2 Tbsp full fat coconut milk[8] (or organic 100% grass fed heavy cream)
2 Tbsp organic unrefined coconut oil[9], melted
1/2 tsp fermented cod liver oil[10]
1 tsp  extra virgin olive oil[11]

1 Tbsp organic pea protein[12] (or 1/4 cup organic 100% grass fed whey protein[13])
2 tsp gelatin from 100% grass fed cows[14]
1/4 tsp Acerola powder[15]
break open 3 capsules of colostrum
2 tsp nutritional yeast
break open 1 capsule of Kirkman Labs allergen-free Bifido probiotics[16]

Add the rice milk to the blender with all of the dry ingredients.  Blend on Low-Medium until blended smooth.  Add remaining liquid ingredients to the blender and blend on Low-Medium until smooth.  Pour into bottles and store in fridge with airtight caps up to 5 days.  Warm each bottle in a container of warm water on the counter before feeding, and shake well.You may notice the cold formula will be chunky from the fridge — that’s just the coconut oil and other oils solidifying from the cold.  It will thin out once it is warmed.  Do not heat the formula on the stove top.

Disclaimer: Before using any infant or toddler formula with your child, please consult with your pediatrician or main family practitioner. No parents should use this information without first seeking advice from their pediatrician or primary care physician before starting a nutritional program with their children.

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