Healthy Habit Reminders

by Elise Schwartz | September 3, 2013 11:27 AM

Welcome to the freshly revamped Healing Cuisine!  I hope you like the new layout.  I now have a homepage[1] that showcases each section of my site a lot better.  That means the blog (this blog, where you are right now!) is on its own separate page[2].  Check out all of the new ways past posts and recipes are organized!  I spent a lot of time getting them organized with multiple ways to search through and find what you want more easily.  Enjoy looking around and discovering all of the new features!  I’m very happy with the new design, too.  I wanted something a bit more fresh with an updated look.  I love it!

I’m trying something new, and thought it was blog worthy because I’d like YOU to join me!  I’ve set up a system to hold me more accountable throughout the day.  I set reminders in my Google calendar every day to take a short break to complete a healthy habit/task.  The Google reminder will pop up on my phone or computer, depending which I am near.

Lately, my life has been a blur….lately as in the last 8 months, LOL!  Ever since we opened Triad Health Center[3] last January, my focus has been there.  Any spare time from caring for my son is put into my clients at the clinic and helping to keep it running like a well oiled machine.  There hasn’t been any ME focus the last few months, which is SO important for my (YOUR) health.  If you’re in the same boat, maybe you, too, need to schedule in little bursts of YOU focus throughout the day!

Here’s my plan:  Take short breaks throughout the day, whenever a reminder goes off on my computer/phone.  I have to drop what I’m doing and do what the reminder says.  I have the reminders set every 2 hours.  We’ll see how it goes!  I have tried to pick things I can do no matter where I am.

My Healthy Habit Reminders

I’m really hoping to see a reduction in stress by incorporating this system into my life (it starts today!!!).  A bonus will be muscle toning.  I have sure lost a lot after birthing a baby and letting myself go the last year (and have about 10 pounds I want to lose)!  It’s time to stop letting my personal health slide!  If mama ain’t healthy, who’s gonna care for the rest?!

Are you inspired to test this reminder system out with me?  What would you remind yourself to do?  Tell me in the comments!

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