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Elise Schwartz

Meet Elise

Hi, I’m Elise, a twenty something food writer and recipe developer. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am also a mom, wife, follower of Jesus Christ, entrepreneur, scrapbooker, singer, and lover of all things natural!

I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and attended college at Michigan Technological University where I obtained my Management & Marketing degree. While my main passion is being an entrepreneur, running our chiropractic clinic, and restoring health to my community, I also love to get in the kitchen and prepare fresh, healthy meals to share with you. Cooking is a stress release for me. It’s a way to let go, let the food take control and blend savory with sweet for a perfect meal I can indulge in after a long day at the office. I love to create good food, the kind you want to share with your loved ones, recipes that stay with you for years.

I have an extremely supportive husband, Dave, who has been with me every step of the way as we strive to live healthier, cleaner, greener lives. Dave is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is my driving force. We currently reside in Greensboro, North Carolina and together run our Maximized Living wellness center called Triad Health Center!  Our passion is not only healthy eating, but helping others transform into an overall healthy lifestyle. We specialize in wellness and corrective care chiropractic, nutritional advice, detoxification consultation, and fitness/exercise expertise. If you’re ready to take the next step toward health, EMAIL US.

I hope you enjoy visiting Healing Cuisine as much as I enjoy writing and sharing my recipes. If you have any questions or tips for me, please share! I’m hungry to learn! I love to use fresh, whole food ingredients, always organic, and incorporate new ideas. I must confess that I am no expert chef, but I love to learn about food. I am constantly searching for new information on the subject. For me, the fun is in the research and experimentation. And I’ve done a lot of these two things, so I have a lot to share.
Read it and eat!

About Healing Cuisine ::

I launched this blog in the fall of 2008, just a few months after my husband and I started eating a more healing diet following the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans. I needed something to keep me on focus during this transition and also wanted to help educate everyone of the importance and power of eating this way. Healing Cuisine has been a wonderful way to organize my recipes and share them at the same time! It is about all natural cooking with foods that were put on this earth for you to thrive on. My goal is to bring a whole new meaning to healthy eating for a better YOU, a better life and better planet.

I always have Healing Cuisine in the back of my mind, no matter where I am. Inspiration comes from all areas. Patients, believe it or not, are constantly providing me with inspiration for my next How To or Questions Answered posts. With each question I get, like “How can I make Kombucha at home?”, I almost immediately start working on an article to answer that question above and beyond what you wanted to know. If you ever have a question on why or how to, please send your thoughts my way and I’ll do my best to get you an answer! Remember, if you’ve got a question about it, there are many others with the same question. You can always email me at elise@healingcuisinebyelise.com.

Healing Cuisine got its name while I was sitting at my laptop one evening, deep in thought about words that conveyed everything I wanted this blog to be. I kept coming back to these two words..

Healing (English) the restoration of damaged living tissue to normal function.
Cuisine (French) a style or manner of preparing food, often associated with a specific culture.

And thus this blog was born! Follow the Maximized Living culture and restore healing to every area of your life, including your food!

My Food Philosophy ::

maximized livingMy philosophy is to eat God-given healing whole foods, properly prepared in their most nourishing state. I know eating this way will slow down the aging process, reverse chronic disease and allow your body to heal at the cellular level. Since making the switch in what we put into our bodies, we have never felt better! More energy, hardly ever sick anymore, and I know our bodies are functioning better, healing faster and are stronger immunity-wise. My food philosophy fits right in line with the book Maximized Living Nutrition Plans: The Solution to the Dangers of Modern Nutrition. If you like my recipes, I suggest you find this book and read it! Not only are there more recipes to enjoy within its pages, but it also outlines HOW to eat on the Nutrition Plan and WHY you want to eat this way. My opinion is it’s a lifestyle. I will eat a clean, healing diet for the rest of my life. The book helps you get your feet on the ground if you’re making the switch from a toxic, “modern” way of eating. It’s fabulous!

I am passionate about real foods (never processed). In a nutshell, these are the basic guidelines I follow: I believe that foods like grass-fed meats, free-range eggs, raw organic vegetables, and saturated fat can truly heal your body. These are nutrient-dense foods that can restore our health! Protein should be taken in its most natural state, either directly from nature in beans and lentils or from unprocessed, hormone-free meats, poultry and dairy. Carbs, our source of energy, should come primarily from organic vegetables and some fruits. Grains should be limited almost completely as they turn to sugar immediately in our bodies, and sugar causes inflammation in the body, which causes disease. Acceptable grains are sprouted, whole grains, and even those should be limited to maintain weight loss and cellular healing! In order to cut the ties on disease-causing inflammation, we want to stop eating sugar completely. Switch from using the refined white stuff (or worse, chemically created aspartame or sucralose!) to all natural sweeteners Stevia and Xylitol.

We purchase our food locally to support a sustainable food system. It’s often much more affordable to buy local when foods are in season. We purchase our animal products from a local farmer at our city’s farmer’s market and have joined a CSA to get fresh, organic vegetables weekly. Whatever we can’t get directly from a farm, we purchase at the local Co-op or Whole Foods. Wherever you are getting your ingredients from, be sure it’s a source you can trust to offer clean, organic food. Don’t be afraid to ask where the food came from — you have the right to know!

The goal of this blog is not to force this lifestyle on anyone. All I hope to offer is honest information and a personal declaration about the realities of eating a healing diet.

Where I Get My Recipes ::

Most of my recipes I create on a whim in my kitchen based on whatever we have lying around. I’m not one to follow recipes myself, cooking just comes naturally to me. I’ve come to practice writing down how much of each ingredient I use after I throw it into a pot or bowl. It took me a few months, but I finally got down the skill of recipe recording. Makes it so much easier when I finally get the time to type up my creations.

Many other recipes you see on this blog come from my stack of recipe clippings. I pull great recipe ideas out of magazines whenever I come across one. Some of the clippings come from the Internet and some from friends. Whenever I get a new recipe clipping, I try it a few times before posting it and make sure to alter the ingredients to ensure it meets Healing Cuisine standards! It’s a fun process of taking an existing recipe that might be full of processed grains, sugars, or other chemically loaded products and cleaning it up to be a whole food, healing dish. If you ever have recipe suggestions, please send my way!

A Word About Moderation ::

Most food bloggers and chefs share the motto of “everything in moderation.” I don’t. While “everything in moderation” works for many people, I hope to educate you on what you should NOT be putting in your mouth to begin with. There are certain foods that simply don’t have an advisable place in one’s diet, even a moderate place (ie: processed foods, hormonally treated meats/dairy, artificial sweeteners). There are other foods that I think are acceptable “in moderation” (organic chocolate, raw desserts, organic coffee or tea). It is important to distinguish between the two, and I don’t believe that moderation extends to everything.

This blog is not in any way meant to be a “diet” site. I don’t believe in diets. While I do say we should “eat a healing diet,” I mean we should focus on changing our overall lifestyle and way of eating toward healing foods. I believe in eating healthy meals that help our bodies thrive. If you listen to your body and feed it whole, organic foods, then I promise you weight loss (if that is your “diet” goal) will be attainable.