Questions Answered

Chocolate Coco-Hazel-Nut Spread

I had a family approach me yesterday with questions about Nutella.  They recently started the Advanced Maximized Living Nutrition Plan and had purchased a jar of Nutella after watching a commercial claiming it is an all-natural spread perfect for breakfast.  In fact, their tag-line is: “Treat yourself with Nutella spread as part of a healthy,…

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Season’s Eating Holiday e-Book is Published!!

Hi Everyone! I am so happy to bring you a complete holiday menu planner, perfect for upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!  You CAN eat customary holiday favorites on your Maximized Living Nutrition Plan!!  Season’s Eatings provides you with the tools you need to successfully prepare your meals, from appetizers to desserts.  Read more here and…

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Tips When Dining with Family & Friends

Hi all!  Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend.  We are heading out to Wisconsin to celebrate Dave’s grandma’s 80th birthday, which made me think to bring up the topic of “Dining with Family.”  Our families aren’t quite “there” yet.  Do you know what I mean?  Maybe you’re in the same boat?  It’s…

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Questions Answered: Cholesterol

I love when you, my supportive readers, ask me questions!  I always try to reply within a few days, depending on how much Internet time I get, but I will always get back to you!  Feel free to ask anything, as they say in school “no question is a dumb question.”  I’m a strong believer…

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How To: Natural Fruit and Veggie Wash

With farmer’s market season in full swing, I wanted to share my recipe for produce wash.  While you are out buying fresh produce from the organic farmers, keep in mind you still don’t know where that food came from, what was used to grow it, or what could be on it.  Some farmers feel they…

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To some scientists and doctors, fish is a miracle food, a treasure trove of heart-healthy fatty acids and disease-fighting vitamins. To others, it’s a culinary curse, the carrier of health-endangering toxins. Which is it? The confusion is enough to make you go off the deep end. Some things are clear. There’s little doubt, for example,…

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