Healing Cuisine Affiliate Program

Healing Cuisine's Affiliate Program registration

Interested in making money from Healing Cuisine?  Earn a 50% commission on every sale you generate.

It’s really that easy.  We will pay you a 50% commission on every sale you generate using your affiliate referral URL! It’s as easy as signing up and promoting the program on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

How do I get started?

  1. Register here.
  2. Embed your assigned referral links.
  3. Sit back and collect your payments!


Q: How often will I get paid?
A: Healing Cuisine will issue Affiliate payments quarterly, 45 days after the close of each calendar quarter.

Q: How will I get paid?
A: Affiliates are paid exclusively via PayPal.

Q:  Do I need to register with e-Junkie to become an affiliate and collect referral payments?
A:  Yes.  We exclusively use e-Junkie to manage our affiliate program.  To become an affiliate seller, you must register for an affiliate account with e-Junkie if you do not already have one.

Q: If I place referral links to Healing Cuisine on my website for certain ebooks and a customer ends up purchasing other ebooks instead, will I still earn a commission?
A: Yes. When a customer comes to our shop from your referral link, a browsing session is initiated. You will earn a commission on all ebooks purchased during that referred browsing experience and up to 6 months there after.

Q: Will I only be able to earn a commission on new customers or for a specific length of time?
A: You earn a commission on all ebooks purchased during their browsing session and up to 6 months after their initial browsing session as long as customers came to our site via your referral link. That’s for every customer, every time.

Q: Can I track how much I am earning?
A: Yes, you can also view your referrals that generated a sale in the Earnings Report screen of your affiliate Admin on e-Junkie.


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