Ingredients & Resources

Here is a list of resources that I use personally and that I wholeheartedly recommend to family and friends.  This list is always growing, so come back soon!  I’m always seeking additions, so feel free to share your own recommendations with me!


73+% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar or Chips   

Almond flour - Who’s got the time to grind your own almonds?  Not me..  Here are a couple of my favorite brands: Nuts.comBenefit Your Life, or Honeyville.  Buy in bulk from these resources when you can!  It will save you a ton of $$$! (I don’t use Bob’s Red Mill brand as it’s a pretty coarse almond meal compared to these other brands of fine almond flour.  If you do use that brand, just be sure to grind it down into a fine powder before proceeding with any of my recipes.  This step is a MUST to have my recipes turn out successfully in your kitchen.) 

Almond milk  -  I’m all for making your own almond milk in bulk at home from organic almonds and filtered water.  However, I understand we don’t always have time to do plan ahead and do this.  The best brand I have found is from Pacific Natural Foods (certified USDA organic AND BPA-free cartons!).  You ALWAYS want to purchase the Certified Organic version as well as the UNSWEETENED version.  This is so so important.  We take it a step further and always get the “original” flavor as it has the least ingredients in it.  You can always flavor your almond milk on your own with organic ingredients that you control (cocoa powder, pure vanilla, fresh berries, stevia, etc…).

Arrowroot powder  -  Arrowroot is a natural alternative to cornstarch.  I use it in many of my recipes (soups, desserts, frostings, raw dishes) that need thickening.

Baking powder (aluminum-free!)

Baking soda (aluminum-free, chemical-free, make sure it’s water processed and not chemically created!)

Chia Seeds -  The chia seed is an amazing food.  Loaded with EFA fatty acids, sugar free, a bit of protein and calcium, and a great source of fiber and manganese.  These little guys are worth adding into your dishes!  Use them in shakes, desserts, soups, etc to add nutrition and naturally thicken the liquid or filling.

Cocoa powder (organic & raw)

Coconut butter - I prefer the Artisana brand, always the raw version.  It’ll be located on your grocery store shelf either next to the coconut oil or the nut butters.  Nutiva’s Coconut Manna is also great!

Coconut flour

Coconut milk  -  In your grocery store, look for the brand “Native Forest” as it is the only brand that does not use BPA in their can lining.  Always purchase the full-fat version and certified organic.  Stay away from the refrigerated versions that have been popping up lately.  These contain carrageenan (a petroleum product) used as a preservative and the cartons are lined with toxic BPA plastic.

Organic cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil

Dynamic Greens  -   My all time FAVORITE greens powder.  This is a must have in every kitchen!  Every one should be on a greens powder daily to ensure you are getting enough servings of organic veggies, the antioxidants to snuff out free-radicals, and the fiber to help you detox (poop!) naturally!  Dynamic Greens (from Nutri-Dyn) comes in 5 great flavors, all sweetened naturally with stevia: mint, berry, fruit punch, strawberry-kiwi, chocolate.  By far, this is the most effective greens powder on the market and most tasty that I’ve tried.  Great blended just with water or in your smoothie.  LOVE IT!

Hemp Seeds  -  Hemp seeds are one of natures most perfect foods.  In just 3 Tablespoons, you’ll find 22 grams of protein, the prefect ratio of EFA fatty acids, and healthy carbohydrates and fiber.  They are virtually tasteless, tiny, soft seeds that you can add to just about any meal to boost the protein and nutrition!  I add to my Greek yogurt with berries, salads, soups, smoothies, and baked goods.  Be sure to store these in your fridge in an airtight container after opening as they can go rancid quickly at room temp. 

Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt  -  You’ll want to have a salt grinder for this, but SO worth it!  Not only for the taste, but the purity and health benefits.   Himalayan sea salt comes from nature, the sea!  Over time, the salt was laid down in what is now the Himalayan mountains.  One of nature’s greatest gifts, it contains 84 minerals in the ratios found not only in the ocean, but… guess where else?  Our cellular fluid!  (All life came from the sea originally.)

Olive Oil - organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin

Pure vanilla extract - extracted in alcohol, not propylene glycol! 

Raw almond butter - organic, unsalted

Raw flaxseeds - Buy whole to save money and grind on your own at home.  They’ll be more potent that way, too!

RAW Protein (Garden of Life) -  Dave and I  L O V E  this protein powder.  Again, it is grass protein based, so very healthy on our tummies.  It is also raw, as the name tells us.  It is certified organic and just simply delicious!  I like it as is blended with us, but most commonly we blend with coconut milk, frozen kale, frozen berries and almond milk.

Stevita Stevia  -  This is THE BEST brand of stevia I have ever used.  And it is now the ONLY brand of stevia I will use.  I’ve tested out over 10 different stevia brands, and Stevita ranks supreme in my kitchen, and is extremely cost effective.  Stevita prides themselves in using the highest quality of pure organic stevia (95% stevisoides, where as most commercial companies use 85% or less of pure stevia…).  This prevents that bitter aftertaste, which most people will notice from low quality stevia brands.  I’ve used all the Stevita Stevia options:liquid, pure powder, SpoonableSupreme, and flavors.  I absolutely love them all and can’t say one bad thing about their quality and performance.  Most commonly I will cook and bake with the Spoonable Stevita Stevia and flavor drinks/smoothies with Stevita Stevia Supreme.  It’s always good to have liquid on hand for sweetening melted chocolate, whipped cream, or other frosting/liquidy treat.

Teeccino organic herbal coffee alternative  -  Organic coffee is okay in moderation, however Dave and I are both severely allergic to it.  We love this brand of herbal coffee alternative — and it’s organic to boot!  AND it’s much less acidic than coffee is to the body, so it’s overall better for you!

The Organic Whey  -  A fabulous pure and RAW whey protein.  My husband really enjoys this protein powder for its clean taste and texture.  I add it to my raw desserts (pies, cookies, brownies, bars).  A great, clean option if you or your kids like a creamy drink!  Preservative free, chemical free, sugar free, raw, 100% grass-fed protein.  Check out my product review here.

Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer -  This is currently my favorite protein powder.  And I love Vega because it is a whole meal replacement.  It has the perfect ratio of protein:carbs:good fat, as well as tons of nutrients.  And the protein is from grass sources (hemp and pea), so it’s save on the digestive tract.  Vanilla Chai is my fav flavor — and kids will gulp it down, too!

Xylitol from birch trees  or try this brand (I like them both) -  Watch out for common brands on store shelves – such as “NOW” brand – which are derived from corn!  I like these brands as they’re certified non-GMO birch xylitol.

Buy in Bulk – Save $$$

Bulk Organic Coconut Milk from

Bulk Xylitol - Well worth the cost savings if you A) do a huge amount of baking or B) split this order up among friends and family.  I opt for B.  :)  And this can go for ALL of these resources for ordering in bulk.  Often they’ll give bigger discounts for ordering larger volume or quantity, maybe even free shipping.  Get with your network of friends and see who would be interested in going in on xylitol with you (or raw almonds, hemp seeds, herbs, etc).  This can further save you all money, and you’ll have to buy less often!

Mountain Rose Herbs - Fabulous resource for organic herbs, spices, extracts, essential oils and herbal teas.  High quality, certified organic, and sustainable agriculture.  LOVE this company!

Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds - Get sprouting!  Not only can you purchase your organic, non-GMO seeds and supplies, but learn everything you could ever want to know about sprouting.  This has been a fabulous resource for us and we love the variety of seed options.

Nutiva - This is where we order our organic, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil in bulk (by the gallon) as well as hempseeds in bulk (3lb bag).  

Nuts Online - Another great site for organic bulk everything.

Sun Organic Farms - A fabulous resource for ordering organic bulk nuts, nut butter, flax and olive oils, nut flours, chia seeds, beans and lentils, and baking goods.  All certified organic and Maximized Living approved!  I love this resource! 

All-Natural Tools & Supplies

18/8 or 18/10 grade stainless steel skillet and/or high quality cast iron skillet

Array of glass mason jars or glass canisters - Great for storing the various pantry items you’ll want to buy in bulk to save your family money.  Fill with nut flours, beans, nuts, spices, coconut oil, etc.  Place one jar-full on your counter for easy access and put the rest away for storage (cupboard or freezer) and pull out as needed.  The point is everything is stored air-tight and safe from bugs, mold, etc.

Countertop composter

Dr. Mercola’s under-the-counter water filter OR a reverse osmosis water system

Glass bakeware and storage containers - Make the switch from toxic plastic and aluminum containers and bakeware, and instead opt for glass.

Mandolin - for quick and easy veggie slicing.  Great for making beautiful salads, uniform appetizers, and quick veggie chips.

Nutmilk bag - for effortless almond milk making.

Offset spatula - A handy tool for spreading frostings, mousses, cashew cheeses, etc.  Definitely one of my favorite kitchen tools.

Salad spinner - Let’s face it, we eat a ton of salads on the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans.  Ensure your greens stay crisp after cleaning with a great salad spinner.  It’s a good investment that you’ll use just about every day!

Set of 3 springform pans - An absolute MUST have for making raw desserts!  Line the bottom with unbleached parchment paper and your desserts will always come out clean.  Invest in the set of 3 so you have different size varieties to control the thickness of your dessert.

Stainless steel or glass measuring cups and spoons

Stainless steel mesh strainer - Again, stainless steel is the key, especially if you need to strain something hot.  I have a super large one and a small one and use for just about everything that needs straining or sifting.

Unbleached parchment paper & unbleached cupcake liners

Equipment Must-Haves

High quality blender - I recommend a Vitamix.  However, before we went for the Vitamix, we had received a KitchenAid blender for our wedding and I must say it’s pretty high quality and does a great job with smoothies and soups.

7-cup or larger Food Processor (10 or 12-cup is ideal for big jobs like protein bars or making nut flours)

Spiralizer - I have tested 3 different brands so far and the only one that holds up in my kitchen is the World Cuisine brand.

spice/coffee grinders - I recommend having two: 1 for grinding things like flaxseeds and xylitol, and 1 for spices.  You really don’t want to mix a grinder used for spices with your flax or xylitol as the spice taste is impossible to remove from the grinder and will transfer.

Food dehydrator - If you’re ready to move into a more raw-food lifestyle, I highly recommend investing in a high quality food dehydrator.  This will ensure your food is truly raw, never heated higher than 118 degrees F.  We are still saving up for our own dehydrator, but look forward to the day we can experiment with and enjoy a more raw diet!  Excalibur is my brand of choice.

2-3 high quality knives - At minimum, you’ll need a great chef’s knife (french knife).  It’ll need to have a good weight to it, which gives you more control while chopping.  Also paring knife for easy trimming.  A knife of in between size isn’t necessary, but could be helpful to you for small jobs.  Be sure to sharpen your knives regularly for safety (I do so monthly)!  I prefer stainless steel knives, but also like ceramic.

Must-Read Books & Must-See Movies

Body by God 

Cooking with Coconut Flour 

Devil in the Milk

Easy Green Living 

Eat Fat, Lose Fat

Maximized Living Nutrition Plans.  This book will supply you with the foundation of WHY we want (and I believe NEED) to eat this way as well as HOW.  A must-read if you are new to Maximized Living or Healing Cuisine!  Understand the philosophy of what you are doing before you dive in.  This will help prevent feeling overwhelmed.  You’re also more likely to stick to it if you know in your heart the reasons you are doing it! 

Nourishing Traditions

One Minute Wellness

My Season’s Eatings holiday recipe e-book and other e-book menu planners.  You are going to absolutely love these recipes, which are all original and not already found on Healing Cuisine.  You can also look forward to guidance and tips on menu planning, using natural sweeteners stevia and xylitol, stress management while under a time crunch in the kitchen, and so much more!

The China Study


Food, Inc.

Food Matters 

Killer at Large

The Future of Food

The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Forks over Knives

Fast Food Nation

King Korn

Natural Birth & Raising Baby Naturally

Bambu dishes -  Safe and natural bowls, plates and utensils for baby (and family!).  We opted for Bambu brand bamboo tableware to ensure our little one’s life is as plastic-free as possible!

We also use 18/8 grade stainless steel dishes and cups for our son from Eco Vessel and The Safe Sippy.

MiEssence baby care line - My personal first choice in baby care products.  Certified food-grade organic — so pure you can eat it!  What is absorbed into my baby’s body is really important to me.

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Another great product line safe for both mom & baby.

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

Raising Baby Green

Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way by Dr. Mayim Bialik

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care by Sally Fallon

The Attachment Parenting Book : A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby

Parenting From the Inside Out  

Personal Care Products


Rejuva Minerals 

Vaccine Awareness

Saying No to Vaccines by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners by Neil Miller

The Flu and Flu Vaccines: What’s Coming Through That Needle? by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child: A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Shots by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Neil Miller

Are Vaccines Safe? 2-Disk DVD Set from Mary Tocco