Gluten FREE Fluffy Pancakes

Here is a delicious recipe that I hope you can utilize on Christmas morning.  I know growing up pancakes were a treat we only enjoyed on Christmas morning.  I’ve been attempting to perfect my pancake recipe for some time now, and I’m finally satisfied with this one.  I’ve also made it with finely ground almond…

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Kombucha Smoothie

Kombucha SmoothieServes 1 3/4 cup raw Kombucha tea (plain or flavored, your choice)1/2 cup filtered water5-6 frozen organic strawberries (or handful of organic frozen blueberries/raspberries/blackberries)2-4 frozen organic kale leaves1 orange, peeled (omit if Advanced Plan)1 pinch of spoonable stevia (optional) Blend all ingredients until smooth and serve. I haven’t tried this with protein powder yet,…

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Double Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheesecake

In honor of my lovely friend Suzy’s birthday last week, I made her a Double Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheesecake.  Suzy can’t do dairy, so it was the perfect opportunity to attempt choclafying my Strawberry Cream Pie.  What a success!  I had two perfectly ripe avocados chilling in the fridge and a pint of raspberries next…

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Strawberry Lime Shake

Strawberry Lime Shake 1 cup organic unsweetened almond milk 1/2 cup organic full fat coconut milk1 cup frozen organic strawberries1 Tbsp fresh lime juice1 scoop grass fed/organic protein powder1 Tbsp coconut oil (optional)1-2 tsp lime zest (optional) Add all ingredients into blender and blend speed until smooth. Print this blog post

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Easy Go-To Snacks

Does that tummy grumble on a Tuesday when the clock hits 2:53p only send your mind off your work and dreaming of that vending machine on the next floor down?  Think again people!  Giving in even once a week for a candy bar or pastry loaded with chemicals, altered grains, food dyes, and refined sugars…

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