Coconut Flour

Strawberries-n-Cream Bundt Cake

It’s kind of fun when our birthdays come around.  Mine is January 29th and Dave’s on the 31st, so we are just two days apart.  This means duo celebration every year!  For the last few years, there has been a Maximized Living seminar on our birthdays since we fall on the weekend.  Usually this means…

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Gluten FREE Fluffy Pancakes

Here is a delicious recipe that I hope you can utilize on Christmas morning.  I know growing up pancakes were a treat we only enjoyed on Christmas morning.  I’ve been attempting to perfect my pancake recipe for some time now, and I’m finally satisfied with this one.  I’ve also made it with finely ground almond…

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Gluten-FREE Apple Crumb Pie

I was just going to post this recipe, simple and delicious as it is.  But I wanted to add a little bit on waxed paper, as I recommend utilizing it for the crust of this scrumptious pie.  I highly recommend switching over to an all natural waxed paper.  You can look up various brands online…

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Gluten FREE Cranberry Nut Bread

Let me say that while this is a very delicious recipe, it is not necessarily the easiest.  While coconut flour is delicious and full of fiber, it can be a bit fussy to work with.  It is very important to always sift the coconut flour (at least once, sometime two or three times depending on…

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